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About Us

Health-First-Dr.-SoinSeldom a business is created based on one’s own Life experiences. Dr. Harkirat (Harry) S. Soin, born and raised in the United States was a frequent user of quality Healthcare available in the United States, in dealing with his personal healthcare issues. As a young adult, during his frequent visits to India, he witnessed several gaps in the delivery of quality healthcare. Since then tremendous strides have been made in the field of private healthcare in India. It is clear that India has now become an important hub for providing affordable, competitive healthcare in this region. For example a Cardiac Bypass surgery in India would cost 6000 USD compared to over 100,000 dollars in the United States.

After completing his undergraduate degree from the University of Houston, Houston Texas in 2005, he decided to proceed to China, at that time the fastest growing economy in the world. He obtained his medical degree from Soochow medical college Suzhou, China and gained proficiency in mandarin. Upon returning to the United States, he was convinced of the immense opportunities in meeting the healthcare needs of over 3 billion people of China and Southeast Asia. During his stay in Southeast Asia, he also noted that Bangkok, Thailand, was the number one destination for foreigners to get high quality healthcare at an affordable price in Bangkok. Observing the trends in Medical tourism, he saw an opportunity in providing high quality affordable choices in Healthcare to the people of developed countries in India as well. India is home to the highest number of western trained specialists physicians and boasts a growing number of ultramodern super specialty hospitals throughout.

Dr. Soin moved to India in 2014, and was part of a health care startup.  Few years later, he established Health First travel services (HFTS) LLP a full service medical tourism company consisting of a network of  the best doctors and hospitals in India.  The chief mission at HFTS, LLP. is to provide personalized, unbiased most cost effective healthcare advice to patients worldwide. The patients are welcomed to seek “second opinions” or treatment in the highly specialized hospitals in India. HFTS is associated with most of the leading hospital chains, and most of the leading specialist physicians throughout India.  He encourages patients to trust his team because of his upbringing in the United States and his awareness of quality of health care services needed by them.  He is aided in this venture by his network of referral partners in the United States, Canada, UK, Africa, middle east.  The H.F.TS, LLP. wishes to excel in providing exceptional care to N.R.I. (Non Resident Indian) diaspora, who may wish to meet healthcare needs for their loved ones in India.  The company aims to provide “one stop” healthcare solutions to NRI diaspora.

His personal Interest in being a world citizen is being aided by his multilingual skills; English Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi. Most outstanding mission at HFTS LLP, is to go the “extra mile” to make international patients feel at home in India.  His charming smile guaranties that to each and every patient.

Why choose Health First Travel?

We at Health First Travel Services LLP (HFTS) understand how important is to build client’s trust.  Our company is headed by a USA born and raised physician who understands the medical needs of international patients.  Our network of referring consultants make sure that all your needs that lead to successful outcome are met.  Our physician advisory panel consists of highly trained physicians from the United States and India.  We will not hesitate to obtain a second opinion before advising our patients on their treatment plan.  At HFTS your total satisfaction is our best reward.

Affordable Accommodations

Boarding is one of the biggest concerns that a potential patient has when traveling to a new country.  At HFTS, we take this responsibility seriously.  Through our contacts we can find accommodations to suit any budget. Accommodations range from 5 star facilities to guest houses.  We discuss each patients needs before they embark on their journey to better health and take this worry away.

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