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Board of Director


Jagmeet S Soin (Chief Advisor)

Board of Director Jagmeet S Soin

Health First Travel Services LLP (HFTS, LLP), has been established to meet the growing need of Healthcare World Wide. Traditionally, best health care is only available to the rich who can travel anywhere to get appropriate treatment. Now, stable countries like India, Thailand offer affordable high quality care to people all over the world. In the United States, uninsured or underinsured patients often delay their care of chronic conditions because of the cost involved. In the Uk and Canada, nonemergency care is delayed due to the overburdening of the health care system. Similar dilemma is faced by the Indian diaspora, when it comes to taking care of their elderly, either the one’s living with them or the folks back home. The HFTS LLP. Wants to be your ONE STOP point of contact to provide the best health care for your loved one in India.

The HFTS, LLP, has contracts and associations with the best CORPORATE hospitals in India. The company will serve as a facilitator between the patient and the health care provider in India. Once you enroll the patient with us, your worries are over. All this is done at a fraction of the cost. Let us compare the cost of Cardiac Bypass in the United States, ($100000) or Total Knee Replacement ($70000), in India, it is $6000 and $4000 respectively, without compromise in Quality. Not to mention affordability of Dental Implants and cosmetic procedures (these are generally not covered by Insurance).

In the coming decades, the global health care trade is expected to show explosive growth. The HFTS, LLP. Stands ready to meet this growing need and bring medical business to India. I congratulate Dr. Harkirat S Soin BS, MBBS, for having a progressive vision that not only meets the need of the Indian diaspora in the west, but also the regular patients who have to postpone their important health care needs which can improve that quality of life. The additional benefit of cultural enrichment cannot be quantitated. I wish HFTS LLP, all the success.

Jagmeet S Soin- Chief Advisor


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