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ENT Surgeries

ENT Surgeries

ENT. Surgeries stand for surgeries related to the Ear, Nose or Throat. This involves the surgical treatment of diseases, injuries, or deformations on these parts of the body. The main objective is to treat any kind of abnormality in these parts, whether they’ve been present since birth itself, or whether they’ve occurred as a result of some accident, or as a result of some disease. Hearing disabilities and sinus related issues are included in the process of ENT. surgeries. So are various complicated surgeries in the throat like cancer of the larynx or a procedure for removal of the adenoids or tonsils — these are all included in the process of ENT. Surgeries.

ENT. Surgeries involve special surgical procedures using new and modern technologies for major reconstructive surgery.

Ear Surgery

Ear surgery is done to rectify hearing loss and/or impairment. Stapedectomy is a procedure in which all the parts of a bone situated in the middle ear are removed. There are also various other procedures involved. The process of reconstruction of the ear drum is called tympanoplasty. We also offer cochlear implants which is a device used to stimulate the nerve end which impart enables hearing. Also their is another process known as myringotomy, which involves the insertion of the ear tube to drain out the fluids which cause chronic ear infection.

Throat Surgery

Removal of the tonsils, known as tonsillectomy or adenoids adenoidectomy is a common surgical process. The tonsils are situated on each side of the throat and the adenoids are located above the throat behind the nose. They play a major role in fighting infections and is a part of the body’s defense mechanism. In the case of chronic infections, the adenoids and tonsils are removed.

Nose Surgery

Nose surgery is required to treat sinus diseases amongst patients. External incisions and greater surgical precision in the nose can be avoided with advanced endoscopic surgery for sinus and nasal disorders. Nose surgery also includes other common surgeries to cure deviated nasal septums and chronic nasal obstructions.

Other Surgeries

ENT surgery also includes surgeries such as the reconstruction of ear deformities, disorders of the inner ear, and skull-based surgeries. It also includes the process of rectification of jaw deformities and the process of surgical treatment to cure abnormalities near the eye and removing skin cancer from the neck and head region.

Post Care Process of ENT. Surgeries

  • Do not expose the ear to water after the surgery until recommended by the doctor.
  • Put cotton with petroleum jelly in the ears to keep them dry.
  • Do not put anything, even a cotton tip, into the ear after surgery, even if drops of blood are seen as it is a common occurrence within 48 to 72 hours of surgery.
  • Contact the doctor immediately if you find anything unusual.
  • Increase fluid intake.
  • After throat surgery, avoid citrus food items which may cause irritation in the throat.
  • In the case of nose bleeding after surgery, try keeping the head elevated.
  • Take complete rest for the first few days after surgery.

Why is India Ideal for ENT Surgeries?

Hospitals in India proudly boast of their highly skilled and experienced team of Doctors who use the most up-to-date technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure for ENT related surgeries. It has been found in studies that surgeries in India date back to 600 BC, performed and invented by Sushruta. The use of plastic surgery and remediation of deformities has been an ongoing process since then, carried out in a very effective and efficient manner with minimal use of equipment and external help. The level of treatment has risen higher with the introduction of new processes and technologies and India offers top notch quality treatment at the most affordable prices.

Health First Travel Services for Medical Tourism In India

With all kinds of modern technologies and infrastructure, Health First Travel Services is the best prescribed source for any kind of surgeries including ENT. Surgeries in India. The surgeons in India have over 30 years of experience in the field and with the modernized infrastructure and technologies are extremely meticulous and careful to avoid contamination and infections. A translator is also readily available to allow clear communication with foreign patients.
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