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hair transplant

Hair Transplant

Like youth and health, most people take their looks for granted, but only until they are gone. A hair transplant may help a lot of people get back a full, or fuller, head of hair. If balding or thinning hair bothers you, this procedure can be an ideal way for you to gain confidence in your looks.

What Is a Hair Transplant?

It is a type of surgery which moves your existing hair to an area with little to no hair to fill it. This is the best surgical procedure to get rid of baldness. However, the process can’t create new hair on your scalp, it can just move the hair that you already have to the bald areas.

Types of Hair Transplants

FUHT/ Strip Hair Transplant: In this technique, a small strip of hair bearing scalp is taken from the donor area. This strip can vary from 1 to 1.5 centimeter in width. Then the strip’s incision is closed using surgical staples or dissolvable sutures. Sutures dissolve and don’t need to be removed. Then the strip is dissected into individual follicular unit graft.

FUSE/fue Hair Transplant: This technique is an improved version of FUE. It is the safest method to extract individual follicular units under direct visual controls for hair grafting in bald areas. It can be used to treat different levels of baldness.

Procedure for a Hair Transplant

During hair transplant, the hairs are moved from an area of good growth to the bald areas. Hair transplants in India are performed in the doctor’s office. The process is done as follows:

  • Local anesthesia numbs the scalp.
  • The scalp is cleaned thoroughly.
  • Using a scalpel, a strip of hairy scalp known as the donor area is then removed and the scalp area is closed with tiny stitches.
  • Individual strands of hair or small groups of hair are separated carefully from removed scalp.
  • The bald area known as the recipient area will be cleansed and tiny cuts will be created.
  • Healthy strands of hair are placed carefully in these cuts.

After the Procedure

You need to follow your doctor’s instructions for your scalp care along with some self-care measures. For a couple of days after the surgery, you may either have a small dressing or a big surgical dressing.

After the surgery, during recovery period, your scalp may be sore. Therefore, you may have to take some medications after hair transplant surgery, such as:

  • Pain medication
  • Anti-inflammatory medications for keeping the swelling down
  • Antibiotics to decrease risk of infection

Within 2-3 weeks following the surgery, the transplanted hair will fall down and you will start noticing new growth in a few months, generally after six to nine months.

Why Recieve Hair Transplant in India?

India has become a hot destination for hair transplant surgery. The country, widely known for highly cost effective medical services, offers affordable treatment options and hair transplant surgery. Moreover, the rising cost of this surgery in Western countries contributes to the growth of transplants in India. Many hair transplant clinics now offer services like “medical tourism packages” in India which covers some other services like accommodations, travel and food, along with post care.
As a leading destination for hair transplants, India is attracting many tourists. Eyeing the opportunity, hair transplant clinics and hospitals in India are establishing advanced facilities for meeting the needs of foreign clients at reasonable rates and with top infrastructure. In addition to specialized clinics, India has many hospitals also offering hair transplant services. These hospitals have highly qualified surgeons with international exposure as well.

The Best Place for a Hair Transplant in India

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