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impacted-midureteric-Calculus-Stone-tretment-IndiaHello India and Kenya. I am Rashid from Nairobi Kenya. I was suffering from debilitating pain that radiated from my abdomen to my lower back. The pains were moderately severe and gnawing thus impacting my lifestyle in a negative way. After undergoing a non-enhanced CT KUB, it was revealed that I had an impacted midureteric Calculus(Stone) along with proximal hydroureter and hydro-nephrosis.

After undergoing two unsuccessful laser lithotripsy operations twice before in Kenya resulting in me being completely bed ridden and on a catheter (urine bag), I decided enough is enough and looked for alternatives. After searching the internet long and hard I came across quite a few Medical facilitators who all claimed to offer assistance, however one particular site Health First Travel Services stood out and caught my attention as the company is run by an American born individual Doctor. An added plus is the fact that HFTS is managed by Dr. Soin a doctor by profession and not by some random medical facilitator so that eased my mind.

I sent my X-Rays and medical reports to HEALTH FIRST TRAVEL SERVICES in India. Within 24 hours they called to seek details on my current condition, shared the treatment plan, expenses of the medical treatment as well as the other related logistics. They advised me to come to India and assisted me in selecting the best Nephrologist (Kidney) doctor as well as best hospital for my needs all within my budget. I am happy and extremely consider myself fortunate to have connected to Dr. Harkirat Soin .

I underwent a surgery which was successful. I am no more bedridden and I got rid of my urine bag also.

From the moment I arrived in India till my departure back to Kenya after a successful surgery, I never once felt that I am in a foreign country due to the warm hospitality and care I received. Ever since my arrival back home I am feeling fit again and able to enjoy the activities I once did free of pain. I recommend Health First Travel Services for their competency, empathy and care.
My special and sincere thanks to Dr. Harkirat Soin for all the assistance. He has turned my life so positive and now I am back to life.
I strongly recommend Health First Travel Services for any kind of treatment in India.