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Knee Hip Replacement

Knee Hip Replacement

Painful joint pain in the knees or hips may occur during the late 50’s and 60’s.  Immobility or support needed for basic tasks are the worst side effects of hip and joint pain, mainly caused by arthritis or other joint-related diseases. However, with the easy process of Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery performed in India, the patient can ease the intolerable arthritic pain and enjoy moving again.

Why is Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery Needed?

Knee or Hip replacement surgery is the procedure of removing natural body parts and replacing them with artificial ones. This applies generally for joints, in order to relieve pain caused by disease or accident so that the person may continue to live a normal and healthy life.

Reasons for replacement

There may be various reasons behind your doctor suggesting Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery in India. The common factor is Arthritis.
Arthritis: This is the most common factor as it causes intolerable joint pain in the human body. Arthritis is a worldwide common disease and can be differentiated as:

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Also known as RA, this is common among women and mostly occurs between the 40’s and 60’s. However, it may also be found in the early stage. In this situation, the immune system of the body stops functioning properly and starts attacking the healthy tissues leading to inflammation and pain. It occurs mostly in the line of the joints.


Lubricant minimizes friction between machinery; likewise, cartilage in our body covers every joint to avoid friction between the bones. Osteoarthritis is the stage when the cartilage gets damaged and the bones rub each other directly causing severe pain. Since it usually happens when people are middle-aged and elderly, it makes recovery more difficult.

Post-Traumatic Arthritis:

Any physical trauma like accidents or injuries in any field can cause Post-Traumatic Arthritis. The incident may damage the cartilage of the joints or the joint may break down.

Cure for Arthritis:

So far, modern science has not found any permanent solution to arthritis. Medicines, exercise, physiotherapy, special diet, and other practices may help but may only stabilize or reduce the pain.

Treatment and Procedure of Hip Replacement in India

In Hip replacement surgery or Hip Arthroplasty, the femoral head of the hip gets replaced with an artificial one, a metal ball. The damaged socket also gets replaced with a plastic one. Special bone cement is used to anchor the metal ball inside the femur.

Post Surgery Care

The success rate of Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery in India is above 95% and with some small post care methods the patients are able to live a normal life. A few important points for postoperative must be followed:

  • Consult with the physician immediately, should you experience any kind of discomfort in your body, like fever, pain, etc.
  • Accept help from family and friends for the first few months to perform any kind of physical
  • Proper medication is very important to avoid infection. However, it is not required to be
    taken for a long time.
  • Proper regular exercise and activities as directed by the physician. As an artificial material is replacing a natural part of the body, it will take some time to recover completely. You may find steady improvement, but can’t expect to go for a run immediately after surgery. The span of recovery varies from individual to individual, and depends upon the support they are getting from their family and friends. A strong mental support system is necessary for a quick recovery.

Why Do Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery in India?

India is the birthplace of surgeries. As per studies, the performance of surgeries in India can be dated back to 600 BC. Sushruta conducted plastic surgeries on other humans using handmade tools and medicines. (“Sushruta, Father of Surgery.” GENi. July. 2012. Web.) The legacy is still maintained and India provides the best Orthopedic Surgery in India.

Patients from around the world prefer India due to the availability of high quality Orthopedic Surgery  at an affordable cost. Some of the reasons why people prefer India for surgery are:


With modern state-of-the-art infrastructures, it has become easy to get relief with Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery in India. Studies show that there are approximately over 600,000 knee and hip replacement surgeries performed every year around the world, and out of this around 15% of them are performed in India. (“Why International Patients Are Searching for Low Cost Total Knee replacement Surgery in India.” Sept. 2016. Web.)

Cost Effective:

We don’t generally consider the cost incurred for our treatment, but in India you can get the best surgery performed at a rate ten times more economical than in other countries like the US or UK.  A hip replacement surgery in India may cost approximately $6000,  the same surgery will cost you about $42,000 in the US.

Other factors:

There are numerous other reasons behind the increasing demand of orthopedic surgery in India, such as the low cost of living, transportation, and access to fantastic medical care.

Best place for Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery in India

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