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Medical Tour Process

Medical Tour Process Step 1


Submit your medical data and reports to us. We will then contact you and discuss the requirements after consulting with our doctor.

Email your medical data at [email protected]

Medical Tour Process Step 2

health first travel doctors

Our team of Doctors will view and interpret you medical data. You will receive our expert’s opinion.

We will then discuss the matter with our network of hospitals and suggest the best hospital for your needs or any hospital of your preference etc.

Medical Tour Process Step 3

globePlan/Immigration & Visa

We will personally welcome you at the airport and take you to the place of accommodation, followed by hospital/doctor visit.

We will provide you with all the amenities such as a mobile phone, internet.

Medical Tour Process Step 4


Depositing the money in the hospital and start of the treatment.

Medical Tour Process Step 5


Recovery and discharge

Medical Tour Process Step 6


Tours to tajmahal, Jaipur Delhi (Optional and extra expense)

Medical Tour Process Step 7


Departure. Trip to the airport. Courtesy Transportation

Courtesy, speed and accuracy is our motto at HFTS LLP.

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Courtesy, speed and accuracy is our motto at HFTS LLP.

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