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Traveled-Inidan-for-Breast-Cancer-TretmentHello! My name is Stephen sapit from Masai Mara, Kenya. My wife Florence 32 years old at the time, was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of the Right Breast (Breast Cancer). My wife was receiving treatment at many hospitals throughout Kenya with no obvious significant improvements. She began to feel worried about her deteriorating medical condition. I decided then that I wanted to bring her to India for further treatment however I had no knowledge of where to go and which doctor to consult. On google I found a lot of medical tourism companies. But when I read about Dr. Harkirat Soin of Health First Travel Services, I contacted Dr. Soin through email, and he was prompt to reply and asked for my wife’s medical reports to analyze. He discussed her condition and reports with me on phone first and then he consulted other best doctors in India. We received his reply within 1 day, with details on course of treatment, cost, accommodation and doctor details as well as all other details regarding all the relevant treatment plans-according to our budget. Not only this but Dr. Harkirat Soin helped me with the visa assistance for me and my wife. We arrived in India on February 28. 2017. Dr. Soin was waiting for us at New Delhi International airport to personally meet and receive us. It was a very wonderful feeling, we felt happy and felt at home and we felt that we have met a wonderful doctor as well as brother, because he was waiting for us and he really showed his compassion and care for us. To be honest for us this was a true blessing as well because this was our first time in India and we did not know what to expect. Each day that we visited the hospital Dr. Soin stood by us. He met the doctor personally each time to track the improvement in the case. We had language issue and budget constraint. Dr Harkirat Soin ensured that we are not overcharged or mislead in billing (very common problem in India). The operation of Florence was Successful and now she is doing well. We really appreciate and love Dr. Soins assistance and being with us from the beginning up until the end of the treatment. I am once again healthy again thanks to the doctors and Health First Travel Services. My 2 kids have got their mother back to life just because of Dr Harkirat Soin.

Dear Dr. Soin, you have saved not only my wife but also me and my 2 kids. We all 4 are thankful for your help and guidance.
I want to let you all know that I had borrowed money from Church community because I had funds constraint. Dr. Soin helped me to save my cost and got the treatment done in the budget that I could afford.
A big round of applause for Dr. Soin & Health First Travel Services from my family.