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personal medical condition Salaam! I am Fadi Ghanem from Oman UAE. I was dealing with a personal medical condition in Abu Dhabi. I decided that I wanted to get a complete health checkup done to see what the issue was. Due to my busy work schedule and long waiting period to get an appointment I decided to look for other faster alternatives. I was advised to go to India to seek medical attention. I searched the internet and came across Health first Travel Services as it looked more professional and trustworthy as compared to other Health Facilitating companies. I contacted the number provided on the site and got in touch with Dr. Harkirat Soin of HFTS. After discussing my medical situation with him he properly advised me and consulted me as to what my options were. Within two days I booked my flight and came to India through HFTS. My Medical treatment and India stay was managed in a professional way by HFTS. I underwent a few medical investigations recommended by the doctor. I had lost every hope of recovering from my medical condition. It is commendable to see how the right doctors, right treatment and HFTS guidance managed my medical treatment, was absolutely wonderful, and I was sure that I will be cured completely. I was properly consulted about my treatment in a proper way and will be visiting India often for regular check-ups. During my week stay in India, I never once felt that I was in an unknown country because of the complete guidance, care and compassion I received from HFTS. These people know their job well. I recommend HFTS for their commendable Job.