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Spinal Surgeries

Spinal Surgeries

Aging, structural deformities, or a number of other diseases may cause complete immobility or intolerable pain as a result of injury in the spinal cord. Medicines and exercise may give relief from the pain and even help in mobility for the time being, but spinal surgeries are the ultimate treatment for this.
Who Should Consider Spinal Surgery?

Hope for recovery from pain, the fear of the procedure, and confusion regarding the decision are some of the emotions accompanying an imminent decision regarding spinal surgery. However, if spinal surgery can get you back to your normal life, then it’s better to go for it. However, the decision of the surgery will definitely be taken by the doctor after analyzing your condition and health status.
Symptoms that indicate a need for Spinal Surgeries

Not every patient with a spinal issue is in need of spinal surgery. Only a doctor may decide for or against such a procedure. If any of the following symptoms arise, your first instinct should be to consult a doctor who specializes in spinal injuries.

  • Unbearable pain for an extended period of time.
  • Immobility.
  • No improvement with medicines and exercise.

There are a few tests that need to be carried out prior to the Surgery:

1. Blood
2. Metabolic
3. Urinary
4. Pregnancy
5. Medications
6. Cardiovascular
7. Pulmonary

There are two types of spinal surgeries: Open Spine Surgery and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. Although both of these forms of surgery are equally good, the minimal spinal column surgery is generally safer and patients recover much more quickly as compared to open spine surgery.
Surgical Approach of Spine Surgery

The spine can be approached from different directions in both Open and Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery. The surgical approaches are:

  • Anterior Approach: The spine is approached from the front through the abdomen.
  • Posterior Approach: Through an incision made in the back.
  • Lateral Approach: The path is made through the side of the spine.

Spine Surgical Procedure

There are various procedures by which to perform this surgery. The most common ones are:

  • Discectomy: It is a Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery where the herniated intervertebral disc is removed, resulting in a relief of pressure from the compressed nerve.
  • Laminectomy: The space within the spinal canal is increased and pressure is relieved by removing the thin body plate from the back of the vertebra.
  • Laminotomy: The portion of the vertebral arc that covers the spinal cord is removed.

Disc Replacement: The injured or damaged disc is removed and a prosthetic disc is used.

Post-operative Care

Most types of surgery require the patient to be hospitalized for at least two days following the operation, with the exception in some minimally invasive surgeries.

  • Recovering in the Hospital: Most patients are asked to get out of bed and walk with assistance on the first day following surgery. While you are in the hospital, you can gradually increase your level of activity in preparation for discharge. You may receive some occupational or physical therapy to assist your recovery.
  • Recovering at Home: Once you are at home, it is important that you have help with everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, necessary errands, and personal care. You may be given special tools to aid your at-home progress.

Spinal Surgery in India

Patients all across the world with serious orthopedic ailments are attracted to India. There are various reasons for this allure, the major one being its affordability. In India, patients can expect personalized care, high-quality low-cost treatment, skilled surgery, clean hospitals and the nonexistence of hidden charges and intermediaries.

Health First Travel Services in India offers world class cost effective spinal surgery solutions and Back Pain Treatment.
In order to receive quality treatment in India there are some easy procedures that need to be followed, such as:

  • Consult your local physician about the issue and get all the relevant documents (like the reports and the diagnosis details).
  • The documents need to be evaluated, so send them to Health First Travel Services and get a quotation of the cost of treatment.
  • Health First Travel Services will process all the documentation and arrange for a medical visa, and a travel plan will be made with your consultation.
  • HFTS will escort you to the designated facility after your arrival.
  • Health First Travel Services will ensure your personal needs are taken care of during the treatment.
  • Special arrangement for tours can also be arranged.
  • Get rid of disability or immobility and spinal pain with an easy and assured treatment with Health First Travel Services. These are the features of the service provided in India:
  • Spinal surgeries are performed by surgeons with more than 30 years of experience in the field.
  • State-of-the-art operating suite for the least chance of infection during surgery.
  • Easy availability of translators for international patients so that communication can be done in a proper manner.
  • Specialized chef available for various patients with different diseases.
  • Top rated center for revision surgery of the knee.
  • Friendly and professional staff, helpful during recovery.
  • Get the best medical attention with Health First Travel Services in India to ensure a healthier future.

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