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treatment-of-Burketts-Lymphoma-to-IndiaMy name is Joe Kiboi from Embu Kenya. I brought my wife Lydia for treatment of Burkett’s Lymphoma to India. First thing I would like to say is that the hospitals are good, however it is also advisable that when you come to India that you be armed with proper information, get the right to people to give you the correct information. Just like in every other country, India has it shares of con people who will mislead you and give you the wrong information, who will overcharge you and go for your money, so it’s very important that you have the right information. Look for the right people who are able to get you good rates for the hospitals as well as good rates for accommodations and most importantly get you the best doctors. We met Dr. Harkirat Soin of HFTS, who is a very nice person. He really gave us directions which is most important. Under his proper guidance we were able to save quite a bit of money on some of the medical facilities that we were using here.