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Why India

Why choose India for surgical & medical procedures?

Global medical tourism is a reality of modern times.  With ease of communication, travel, most of us are seeking to avail all of the best health care facilities at the most affordable cost. “Health is Wealth” is a dictum which could not be more true than in present times.  Your economic prosperity depends on your productivity, and that in return depends on your being healthy.  If you are sick, you want to get well as soon as possible. Overburdened health care systems of western societies are either too overburdened or too expensive.  India offers best of both worlds, world class hospitals and highly trained professional staff, which are mostly trained in medically advanced countries.  For this reason, medical tourism is set to grow 4 folds in the next 5 years, from $4 Billion to 16 Billion.

India offers excellent ancillary care, post-operative care.  Current exchange rate is also favorable to International patients. The added benefit of getting treated in India is that you get the opportunity to soak in 5000 years of civilization.  Opportunities to relax and manage your stress levels are unparalleled in India. You can also enjoy the best of yoga, Ayurveda, Therapeutic massages.  India is also an exotic tourist destination offering everything from beaches, cool, high mountains, cosmopolitan cities, to quaint villages and colorful handicrafts.  Included in all of this is India’s most exotic Indian cuisines which are equally matched by its exotic flora and fauna.


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